Klean Works has the know-how to take care of all your commercial office cleaning and building maintenance needs so that you can focus on the job of running your business. Our staffs are trained and we are committed to excellence in our work and above all, 100% customer satisfaction. We provide the following services:

Commercial Office Cleaning

Companies that are clean and organized often are more productive. Klean Works focus on the helping you provide a clean, germ free work space. We maintain those frequently touched areas such as the door knobs, bathroom faucets and switch plates to give you a healthier environment. Klean Works dedicates our time to your facility so that you can focus don’t have to. Our cleaning system ensures cleaning tasks are completed on a daily basis so you and your staff can be more productive.

Day Porter Services

Klean Works any daytime staffing needs you have for Day Porters to perform daytime cleaning. Our Day Porter will maintain the cleanliness of all heavily traffic areas during throughout your facility.

Our Day Porter will:

  • Monitor and service the restrooms during the day
  • Keep restrooms sanitary and well stocked throughout the day
  • Maintain break rooms, conference rooms, and lunch rooms
  • Keep lobby and stairwells free of debris
  • Spot vacuum and spot clean carpet
  • Spot clean glass

We can customize a schedule that will fit your desired needs for our Day Porter.

Janitorial/Custodial Services

To ensure we deliver on our promise to provide a better service and cleaner facility. Klean Works hard to provide ongoing training and quality controls. We offer peace of mind by providing the ability to measure our janitorial success through accurate communication regarding the status of your buildings. We provide carefully screen staff prior to being placed into any school building. When you partner with Klean Works you can expect highly trained staff to cover all your needs. We ensure that our janitorial team not only provide you a clean facility but one that is inviting and safe for both students and staff.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Clean floors create a pleasant environment for employees, visitors and customers. Dirty, stained and foul-smelling carpet, on the other hand, sends a negative message about your business to both employees and customers.

Klean Works provides expert carpet cleaning for commercial clients, using what we know to be the most effective methods for top to bottom carpet cleaning.

Klean Works removes tough stains and thoroughly cleans even the largest carpet areas without saturating or leaving harmful detergent residue.

Klean Works is equipped to serve the following markets that are over 20,000 square feet or above:

  • Class “A” and “B” Office Buildings
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Government
  • Education K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Medical
  • Hotel

Here’s How We Work:

We understand that hiring a janitorial company isn’t an easy job. Klean Works work with building owners and property managers to determine how each site is used and to determine the client’s needs so that a comprehensive cleaning or maintenance plan can be developed. We have become good listeners since customer input is vital to the development of a workable plan.

Criteria Used in Planning:

  • Customer’s special requests and concerns
  • Nature of the business and hours of operation
  • Building size and materials
  • Type and size of flooring
  • Number and size of restrooms, cafeterias, break rooms, windows, and doors


We work with our customers to develop a cleaning plan that provides them the quality they are seeking thus providing them highly trained employees who are compensated well for their work. Our goal is to have you as a life-long customer, so we don’t underestimate bids simply to get in the door. Once we’re in, we want to stay. We offer free, no obligation estimates.